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Grandma and Duke

Grandma (my father's mother) and Duke (my father) are sort of the beginnings of my crafting. Grandma was a self taught seamstress and quilter. As far as clothing, she made her own patterns out of newspapers and whatever other papers she could find. Her finished items could stand up against any high end fashion house. She sewed for her family and for others all over the county. Her quilts were second to none, all sewn by hand and an old pedal machine. She used to draw pictures in the dirt for me. Horses, houses, people. That gift was passed on to her son John (Duke). A skilled self taught craftsman, he was well sought after for his skills; building hope chests, one of kind window valances and other decorative additions to homes. He made his own tools out of old iron he salvaged from the land fill and like his mother, his artwork in his projects was second to none.

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Mrs. Gladys and Duke's Daughter

Fast forward to my dear mother, Mrs. Gladys Dawes. She was my champion, believing I could do anything under the sun relating to crafts. She promised friends and acquaintances items made by me. I discovered I could make music boxes from scratch, sculptures out of seed beads and buttons. Even quilts. Not like my grandmother and her daughters and other granddaughters, but Mama promised it so I produced it. 

This self taught ability (gift)  which was passed to me through my grandmother and father, along with my love of creating personalized, unique gifts for the special people in my life led to the creation of The Jazzy Dragonfly.

When my mother was truly content, she always said she was happy in her heart. That always touched me. Through my creations I want to make people happy in their hearts. In honor of my mother, I am creating a special line of gifts called "Happy in my Heart." Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, welcome to my store and happy shopping.

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